29 Hours – 8,672 Miles, No problem.

So when you think about moving your family over seas, it seems exciting and then you quickly realize, wait I actually have to get them there. In this case it was over 8,000 miles of get there, 3 plane rides, 14 suitcases (70 pounds each) totaling 1,00o pounds, and yes our 3 kids are under 8 years old.  We arrived at the Delta counter at roughly 4:30AM. I was grateful for baggage assistance from a very patient curbside support – he saw me, he saw the 14 suitcases, and he saw 3 very tired kids (of course with Murphy’s Law the night before they did not sleep).  He was like Delta’s version of a saint. Thankfully we were first in line at the check in counter. Unfortunate for those behind us, I was that guy with 5 carts of luggage and 3 very tired kids but hey we were first in line! Haha!

We survived and checked in despite Sammy almost choking on a free Delta hard candy in line. AlI parents of three children have experienced a few choking episodes. This one was no different, Annie quickly handed me Sam as he gasped and I reached into his mouth pulling the candy out stopping only momentarily from slinging bags to the counter. Annie stepped up to the line and slung suitcases in my absence as I flung a half hard candy on the floor  at the feet of some concerned bystanders. I gave Sam a quick hug, told him to stay away from the man giving out the free hard candy who by now I am sure looked like the devil to Sam. People behind us in line, no doubt with no children, looked on in horror. For us it was BAU operations and Team Hayden in its finest efficiency.

29 hours later, 10 gallons of green apple fanta, and many many inflight movies we made it. Thankful for a great Delta crew for making it possible.